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Robyn Simpson

Personal Development for Parents + Little Learners

Hi, I'm Robyn. Working Mum of two little learners, prolific creator and connector, self-confessed geek for all things 'Tude related, studying neuroscience and developmental psychology while navigating parenting in a mindful and sometimes messy way.

Raising happy little humans is the biggest personal development experience. That's why I've created the 'Tude Academy. A place to learn practical, quick, positive strategies for developing your Little Learners social and emotional skills. The bonus is that you get to learn and grow as well.

Our Mission

I'm on a mission to positively impact future communities by raising awareness + sharing ideas that contribute to kinder, connected communities to reverse damaging social trends.

Why? Because today's parents are creating tomorrow communities. What we do today matters. I'm happy to help parents and Little Peeps make a positive impact. Here's to inspiring expanding minds.


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