Lesson series

Short Course:
The 2-minute 'Tude Choosing Technique

Discover the simple little parenting tool that has the power to change your Little Learners attitudes and save your sanity in less than 2-minutes!

What's included?

  • A super fast eLearning session that teaches you how to get your little learners to choose their 'Tudes. 
    Packed into just 25 minutes (you can also set the speed to 1.5x, so you finish it quicker if you want to)
  • Video instructions for each step
  • Extra Resources
  • Optional 48-hour 'Tude Challenge to try at home
  • Ask your tutor Q&A


  • To teach your little learners how to recognise and choose their 'Tude whenever they need to.
  • To build positive life time habits.

Suitable for

Little learners aged between 3-8 years of age.
Busy Parents & Carers who need a quick technique to use now!

Course Lessons


Learn the 2-minute 'Tude Choosing Technique

Meet the instructor

Robyn Simpson

I'm lifelong learner (aren't we all?) with a particular fascination for how our brains work, and how attitudes, values and morals are shaped. 
As a working Mum of two little peeps; I’m even more interested in what makes some people thrive, while others barely survive. The development of personalities, traits and habits and how we influence each other without being conscious of the effects is intriguing to me, so I'm studying Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology whilst learning parenting skills on the job.
I enjoy turning complex concepts into simple, useful tools such as eCourses and 'Tude Tools for parents with little peeps, just like me.
Creator & Connector
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